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Category: Contemplative Arts

Whole Life Stroke: Arrival, Kālacakra, and Shambhala Art

Warning: This post contains spoilers about the movie, Arrival. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche once said, “It’s possible to make a brush stroke that expresses your whole life.” It is a statement that is audacious and bold, and typical from a man who had a deep understanding of life and art. But is it possible? After seeing…
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Brush Stroke at the Zendo

I am continuing my journey on the path of contemplative arts, this time in Santa Fe at the Upaya Zen Center. Since the Shambhala Art intensive I’ve done brush strokes after many of my sittings, and recently I’ve started to copy characters from Kaz Tanahashi’s book, The Heart of the Brush. Since Shambhala does not have a calligraphy program and…
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