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Fushimi Inari and Osaka, or Is This Orange or Red?

The famous Fushimi Inari temple was our destination Thursday, with Osaka gluttony planned for Friday. Fushimi is famous for its large number of torii gates. They are all painted in what I would call a vibrant orange. It just so happens that this vibrant orange is the same color that is called “red” by the…
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The Philosopher’s Path, or If Oprah Gave Away Shrines (Part 2)

The Philosopher’s Path is the best way to see a number of Kyoto’s temple in a single day (or so) of walking and exploring. Our plan was to start our day at Gingakuji and then  meander along the path until we achieved temple saturation. The path also had a lot of food and shop options, so we…
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The Philosopher’s Path, or If Oprah Gave Away Shrines (Part 1)

If Oprah gave away shrines, Kyoto would be what life would look like. Kyoto has been a wonderful change from Tokyo. This is partly because we are settling into being in a foreign country, and more bravely navigating buses and subways. The other reason is that Kyoto is slower and less urban. It is also…
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Fevered Dreams in Tokyo

I’m writing this from the shinkasen, or bullet train, hurtling at 170 miles per hour towards Kyoto. It’s day two or so of our journey to Japan and this first 48 hours have been like a fevered dream — more real than real and hard to shake once you’re awake. I’ve dreamed of visiting Japan…
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