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Category: Three Questions

(Urinary) Bladder: Letting Go of Unhelpful Thoughts and Emotions

These narratives and storylines are the “mental waste” that we associate with the clearing and removing quality of the Bladder. In particular, we assign to the Bladder the capacity for recognizing these storylines so that we can relax (as in the third question) and refocus our efforts. In the Western medical model, the kidneys are…
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Kidney: Relating to Our Capacity for Creativity

The power of the Kidney sustains the spark generated by the Gallbladder (the Captain of the Armies). The Captain provides only the initial encouragement; from there, we have to continuously and creatively relate to our situation as we find it. The General also relies on the creativity of the Kidney to adapt to circumstance. As…
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The Kidney + Bladder: Creativity and Working with Self-Doubt and Jealousy

In Three Questions, each month of practice after January deepens our awareness of ourselves, and helps us to understand the factors that influence our previous layers of awareness. In January we focused on our capacity to plan and to rouse our energy and courage to enact our plan. Now we turn our attention to our…
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Liver + Gallbladder Integration: The Courage to Act

Ultimately the strength of the Liver and Gallbladder is a reflection of our confidence in ourselves, which can arise, simultaneously, from our willingness to study our terrain and environment, and our willingness to continuously arouse courage when conditions change (as they will). In this sense we combine expertise with the lived wisdom of experience, learning…
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The Gallbladder: Working with Resolve and Courage

Bringing the Liver and Gallbladder into balance is about seeing ourselves taking action in the world and starting the ball rolling towards our ultimate end goal. Just like plants require the right mix of the elements and patience to sprout, so too do our plans and visions for ourselves. Thinking of our lives in terms…
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The Liver: Working with the Idea of Plan

Whether we plan in order to prevent disaster or avoid planning to prevent responsibility, or somewhere in between, we need to look at how we relate to our world. Can we accept the responsibility for our lives without thinking we can have complete control? Can we trust that complexity does not threaten us, but rather…
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The Liver + Gallbladder: An Introduction to Vision and Courage

There are many ways to approach a spiritual or mindfulness practice. In Three Questions practice, we choose to begin with our very real and daily experience of living our lives. This is the getting up in the morning, feeding ourselves, doing what we do for money or livelihood, dealing with traffic type of situation. Unless…
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The Universe Doesn’t Care About Your Purpose (NY Times Opinion Piece)

An indifferent universe also offers us a powerful and compelling case for living justly and contentedly because it allows us to anchor our attention here. It teaches us that this life matters and that we alone are responsible for it. Love, friendship and forgiveness are for our benefit. Oppression, war and conflict are self-inflicted. When we ask what’s…
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A Sneak Peak: Three Paragraphs from My In-Progress Book

It is important for us to appreciate the significance and potency of the present moment. We may not give it much thought but everything happens in the split second that is now. The sentences before this one, even the words before this one—all of those are now in the past for me as the author…
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