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Three Questions

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A journey of directed self-discovery

The Three Questions is a journey of directed self-discovery, a fresh blend of yoga, the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western and Eastern philosophy designed to help us better relate to and act in our world.

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Latest Blog Posts

(Urinary) Bladder: Letting Go of Unhelpful Thoughts and Emotions

These narratives and storylines are the “mental waste” that we associate with the clearing and removing quality of the Bladder. In particular, we assign to the Bladder the capacity for[…]

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Kidney: Relating to Our Capacity for Creativity

The power of the Kidney sustains the spark generated by the Gallbladder (the Captain of the Armies). The Captain provides only the initial encouragement; from there, we have to continuously[…]

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The Kidney + Bladder: Creativity and Working with Self-Doubt and Jealousy

In Three Questions, each month of practice after January deepens our awareness of ourselves, and helps us to understand the factors that influence our previous layers of awareness. In January[…]

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Teacher Trainers, Certified Teachers, and Friends

The following individuals help to expand awareness of our innate dignity and lead people into self-awareness through the Three Questions system.

Stuart Rice
E-RYT 500

Founder and Co-Director of the YTT Program

Ann DaPrato

Co-Director of the YTT Program, Teacher, Restorative Practice Mentor